Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Chocolate Funeral Party

I was doing some holiday shopping last weekend, and came up with a fun funeral idea. Why not have a chocolate funeral party?

Here's how it happened:  Last weekend I was strolling through Fremont, ostensibly shopping for others but really searching for the perfect necklace for myself, when my boyfriend suggested that we sample some chocolate at our neighborhood chocolate factory, Theo's Chocolate.  Of course, I was game.

The minute we set foot in the store, I started racing from display to display, stuffing myself full of at least a bar-sized amount of tiny chocolate bits. Some with nuts, some with salt, some dark, some very dark, some organic. I was giddy. Once I slowed down and realized I had plenty of time to sample everything, I started paying attention to the bluegrass duo playing in the corner of the store...and to my surprise, I really liked the music.

Normally, that's not my kind of sound (I'm more into punk and classic rock), but the longer we lingered, the more I enjoyed it. There was a man playing mandolin and a women playing upright bass, and they were good! I was charmed.

We ended up hanging around for quite a while, sampling chocolate, sipping the free coffee, and listening to Pickled Okra. After a few songs, I thought "I've got to hire them for a party; they're fun." I took one of their business cards, and started making mental notes about the fabulous party I'd have to have to showcase them.

Then, as we were leaving the store, I turned to my boyfriend and said, "wouldn't this be a great setting for a funeral party?"

Lesson: you never know where inspiration will hit you. If it's "real fun" for you, your guests will probably like it, too. (Note: the chocolate pictured here is just a stock image; it's not from Theo's.)

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